Jordan has been an incredibly talented, creative & dependable contractor when it comes to supporting our team. He combines a great talent for storytelling along with proficiencies that span video production, editing, graphic design, and 3D rendering. His large network of colleagues and friends often help us fill in any gaps that pop up in a wide range of projects.

He is an amazing resource and helps free up our team to focus on what we do best.
Thanks for all your help so far!
— Sriram Thodla, Team Lead, Product Innovation @ Samsung Electronics America
Jordan’s work is genuinely second to none. Not only does he consistently give us top shelf results, he does so in astounding time. Always an absolute pleasure to have him on a project.
— Jonathan Popalis, Senior Producer - Bell Media Agency
Just wanted to thank you for the work you did for us, you delivered everything we required and it was a pleasure for my team to work with someone so professional and accommodating. The creative you gave us is excellent and the client is thrilled.
— Mark Wilson, E.V.P. – Envision Sales Inc.
Jordan and his team are wonderful to work with.  It’s great to collaborate with someone that shares our drive for perfection. Jordan is a true talent and has an uncanny ability to fill in blanks where needed.
— Chris Harsacky, Partner – HUGE DESIGN inc.
I’m sure you could hand Jordan a cocktail napkin with a few rough sketches and he’d turn it into a thoughtfully polished video. Working with him has been an absolute pleasure, his talent and experience make all the difference.

Jordan’s conceptual & aesthetic strength combined with his work ethic make him a very rare find.
— Andrew Cividino, Owner – Film Forge Productions
Jordan is an extremely talented designer. He has an acute and outstanding ability to complete complex & high quality projects within a timely manner. His understanding of brand identity, coupled with his commitment to deadlines, demonstrates his thorough knowledge of design and true professionalism. We look forward to continuing our work with him in the future.
— Stacey-Lee Nixdorf, Production Coordinator – CTV BellMedia
‘In Jordan we trust’
He brings thoughtful storytelling, a refined aesthetic
and effortless execution to the projects we collaborate on.
— Mark Apelin, Creative Lead - Product Innovation at Samsung
I have hired Jordan repeatedly over the course of the past four years for a variety of projects that have been demanding in both timelines and standards.  He has delivered results consistently and offers creative solutions along the way that elevate the final product such as when he was a part of the team helping launch the Sun News Network.
— John Cameron, CIRCA76, (prev. of WhiteIron TV)
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jordan on a number of animated explainer and event promos. He displays a keen understanding of our business needs, is sensitive to our deadlines, makes insightful and helpful recommendations to improve the impact of the videos and always delivers fantastic and relevant creative that takes the projects to the next level.
— Claude Soulodre, Senior Manager - MaRS Media
Working with Jordan is great for two reasons: You’re reassured by his professionalism, and more importantly you know it’ll be a fun time. We worked together to bring Creative Mornings to Toronto. Jordan lead the way in capturing the events and making sure we have top notch record of our speakers for everyone to enjoy.
— Behrouz Hariri, Systems Architect at IDEO & Founder of Creative Mornings Toronto chapter
Jordan continues to provide top quality solutions for Envision Sales.  He can handle any type of project, large or small, with accurate representation from creative briefs. He is fully capable of delivering beautiful work at a consistent professional level and comes highly recommended.
— Michael Lylloff, Senior Designer, Envision Sales
I’ve been working with Jordan for 3 of the last 3 years for a reason. He has been great with interpreting our vision and storyboards into video, sound and stories. His talent and professionalism has shown on every project we have worked on to date.
— George Argyropoulos R.G.D., Creative Director, meta Design.
Jordan is a talented & hard-working guy and one of the best independent graphic artists working in Toronto.  We have collaborated on both corporate & commercial work as well as creative/personal projects. Whenever there is an opportunity to benefit from his skills and experience he is the first person I call.
— Mike Gallant, Owner – Helix Reel Entertainment