Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-22

  • Why did spellcheck/autocorrect take a horrible turn for the worse in iOS4? I hate when stuff goes backwards like that. #
  • Revisiting a 200+layer AE project is the same as visiting a zoo with no map (via @fawadm). Definitely been there! #
  • My Twifficiency score is 43%. Whats yours? #
  • Oh MAYA, you are the devil. #
  • Get ready to change the way you ride elevators. Forever. #fb #
  • I could really go for a Reid's Dairy loonie milkshake right about now. #fb #
  • Anyone care to join me for a little trip to Costa Rica on Sept 4 or 5? #fb #
  • Looks like Costa Rica in September is a go! First international trip with my little brother. #
  • This is the sex: Luca Barcellona creating a poster for "Legacy of Letters" - (via @fawadm) #
  • Great season opener for #lyt game, set match to #campbell #
  • RT @lucascarlisle: You know how I know you're not gangster?

    Flip-flops. #

  • RT @Dean_Murdoch: Here's the fuckin trailer for the sequel. #
  • Saw these same little guys pasted up in London's east end back in August, just saw these at Queen/Duff by my place #

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