Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-15

  • An evening of revelations... and beer & poutine (unrelated). #
  • SneakPeek Photo, cool Finder plugin to view EXIF data in Quicklook. Also check out the OG SneakPeek, it's invaluable! #
  • Best job-quitting ever: Flight attendant says FU over the PA, grabs two beers and exits via the emergency slide!! #fb #
  • Fubar 2 premiere at TIFF! it doesn't get anymore Canadian than that. #fb #
  • 3D Tracking comes to After Effects (at long last): #
  • Wow, another epic-quitting in as many days, this one's great too: Can we coin a term for this, like Epquit? #
  • The Sheriff is back! Helping to streamline workflows & save future man-hours. #
  • Does anyone have the PogoPlug, or used one? Thinking about getting one to hookup to my Drobo, it would be amazing for being on the road. #
  • Have producers been sleeping on the band Uriah Heep or what? These guys have some serious sample gems. Case & Point: #
  • Google needs a "what's the 2010 way of doing things" button when looking for technical solutions to software problems. #
  • Someone called me at 5am, repeatedly, and when I finally answered they asked if I was the chick from Big Brother. Wtf people, seriously. #fb #
  • Can I make a 'Flight Of The Navigator' reference in a storyboard, or am I gonna be the only one who gets it? #fb #
  • When did Facebook get this sweet photo albums update? #
  • TotalFinder just keeps getting cooler... the new Visor feature is sweet. Can't wait until this thing is finished & it's already a must-have #

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