Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-01

  • Here's my silly little Trapcode Particular experiment for this weeks #5SP #
  • Not exactly the most encouraging message to receive while trying to upload your stuff to Behance: #
  • Resisting... urge... to watch... 7 min bootleg of TRON footage: ...and failed. #
  • So your second viewing of Inception is just as, if not more rewarding than the first. #
  • Found out my current job title is 'Motion Graphics Consultant'. I like that much better than 'Pixel-Jockey'. #
  • Sweet merciful crap #rogers Fix. Your. Website. it's 2010, your bullshit is unacceptable. What are you doing with all our money exactly?? #
  • Spoiler! “@mobofill: This dude makes a valid observation. He answers that elusive Inception ending: I feel enlightened.” #
  • About to see if the Waterloo Burrito Boyz is the real deal. #
  • haha, epic-duckface.gif (via @digg2000) #
  • New Pretty Lights EP 'Spilling Over Every Side' is out free at This guy is killing it, hands down new fav producer #
  • Working late! Plus side: This suite is soundproof and has a killer system, so the beats are bumpin' #fb #

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