Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-25

  • "Where can I download office background noise for free? I don't want my clients to know that I am at home" Oh YahooAnsw #
  • Quick little title I threw together for a shortfilm titled 'Being Productive' Check it out! #fb #
  • RT @LinkedIn Creative professionals can now display their portfolio on LinkedIn via - (via @scottbelsky) #
  • Just upgraded to VimeoPlus to be able to get the stats. The disparity between total 'plays', 'loads' & 'finishes' is eye-opening! #
  • Working on an entry for this weeks 5 Second Project: CMYK. Wrangling up some Particulars #
  • 5SP:CMYK coming together ok so far #
  • TRON:LEGACY trailer is whoa. But what's up with that freaky uncanny valley Jeff Bridges? Here's hoping thats not final. #
  • Hot Beatles Remix - And I Love Her (Allure Remix) at @hypem #
  • Thought we'd never see the day! MomentCo has a reel up: Great work guys #fb #
  • Might have to switch to Firefox... #

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