Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-18

  • This guy has mad iPad finger paint skills: #fb #
  • So much IT! I just want to make pretty pictures. #
  • Awesome commercial employing a great application of motion-timelapse technique. (via @slashfilm) #
  • haha awesome, they have the #Oldspice guy responding to tweets via Youtube videos. This campaign = best in years. #fb #
  • Didn't realize until now that #LOST writers Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz are doing the screenplay for Tron Legacy. #
  • Cannot wait to see Inception. They just released a pretty cool comic book prologue hinting a little on what's going on #
  • This is a great presentation on understanding 'Social Networking' & trust me, nowhere near as cringeworthy as you think #
  • This Book helps you to move into the Digital era of awesomeness. Download it for free: #
  • The Anti-Design Festival sounds like it could be a lot of fun. #
  • Nerdy I know, but this is how to add a highpass filter to Afx (because it doesn't come with one) Really handy to have. #
  • Why all of a sudden will nothing play for me on Vimeo?? Frustrating. #
  • Got asked to contribute some tutorials for the AETuts+ site. Now just have to think of something... #fb #
  • Sweet, Fridays are free ice-cream day at RIM. #
  • INCEPTION tonight at Scotiabank, 11pm. Join us to watch Chris Nolan take Hollywood to school, again. #fb #
  • So yeah, Inception is probably the best thing you're gonna see for a LONG while. Can't rembr the last time I've been that riveted in a film #

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