My New Go-To Utility for Saving Streaming Content (ie, Youtube Videos, Vimeo, Etc) = Jaksta Streaming Video Capture

Jaksta is by far the best/easiest/painless solution I've seen for saving Youtube, Vimeo, or almost any other streaming video or audio content. It's definitely just become what I would consider an essential production tool.

For a while I've been using one of the many Javascript bookmarklet solutions for saving Youtube videos (this one http://windowsforus.com/youtube/). Works OK enough for Youtube, but no help when it comes to saving media from any other site. Enter Jaksta. You flip it on so that it's monitoring while you're browsing for what it is you're looking to save. While it's in this monitoring state it will save a local copy to your harddrive of all incoming streaming content. Then just flick it off when you're done and boom, you have the most effortless way I've seen to save Vimeo, Youtube, Hypemachine, Grooveshark, etc.

You can check it out here: Jaksta Streaming Video Capture

Just a tip, I don't recommend leaving this thing running and forgetting about it or you'll accidentally download practically everything & end up with a ton of stuff you don't want/need. Better to just load it up when you need to grab something then close it down completely.

Jaksta is $49.95, so it might be a little overkill for general use, but will totally pay for itself in time saved if you often find yourself needed to source content & clips for presentations, pitches, meetings, or any number of other particular situations you might find yourself in while in production on something.