Draught Experience Wins Applied Arts Young Blood Award

The Heineken Draught Experience piece I put together last year was lucky enough to earn a spot in this years Applied Arts Design & Advertising Awards Annual. This years annual added a new category called Young Blood, which is open to entrants who have been out of school for five years or less. Glad to see the addition of this category, it gives a little breathing room between the student winners and the industry vets.

Check it out via the Vimeo embed above if you haven't seen it already. Unless of course you're waiting l to see it in the printed annual, where it will appear in all its glory as 4 1" printed thumbnails.

Photography from Morocco

Here is the final installment of photography from my recent trip. The main purpose of the trip was to make our way over to Morocco, located on the northwest tip of Africa, to explore this unique corner of the African continent.

I had a blast photographing there. The scenery was very unique and much more diverse than I had expected. As you make your way across the country the landscape changes drastically cycling between everything from pure desert to coniferous forest.

It was also my first time being out in a true desert like that. We travelled for a few days out the the edge of the Sahara, which really turned out to be a highlight of the entire trip.

Check out the full Album on Flickr here:

Fireworks Abstracted

Happy Canada Day/4th of July!

A lot of fireworks pictures make their way online around this time. Thought I'd try something a little different to mix it up a bit, and do a little experimenting.

These are my Ontario Place Canada Day fireworks photos, as seen through my window screen, out of focus, high ISO and at 300mm. Nice and gritty, just the way I like it. Tweaked the colours a bit in Lightroom to get a good spread.

And the full set available on Flickr