Aspect Ratios

Add Common Film Aspect Ratios to your Lightroom Crop Settings

Just a quick tip on how to quickly and easily add popular film aspect ratios to your Lightroom default crop settings. By cropping photos using some of the common film aspect ratios, it helps to add a cinematic dimension to some of your photographs.

It's simple and easy to do, here's how:

  • In the Develop Module, click the Crop Overlay (r) button.
  • Click on the aspect ratio, and select Enter Custom...
  • Enter the film & tv aspect ratios you'd like. (ex, 2.35, 1.78, 1.85, 16:9, etc)
  • You're all set! Recompose your shots using the new aspect ratio presets.

Here is a PDF I found with more handy info than you'll probably ever need on aspect ratios.

Also, take a moment to check out Flickr user Loomax, who's photography I came across a little while back. A lot of his photos exemplify a really magical cinematic quality. Inspiring stuff.