In No Particular Order... Things I Found Cool in 2009: A Digital Scrapbook

This is a pdf compilation of the folder I keep on my computer where I put things I come across that are worth saving. Whether they be cool, inspirational, unique, funny, or give me some sort of random creative spark. I just drop it into a folder, and pop in from time to time to have a look. I've been doing it for the past couple years, basically just as a place to dump stuff that clutters up my computer. Recently though, I thought that it might be a good idea to keep it a little more organized and somewhat coherent.

I've got pretty simple setup now to keep things slowly flowing in, and a simple php script spits out everything in this folder to a fairly viewer friendly single-scrolling page. If anyone cares to check in, feel free to load up 2010's folder at any time and see what's up.

View the 2009 Archive (Web) Download/View as PDF (17mb)

And if you're interested, here's what I've dug up for the last couple years: 2008 2007

Full credit where credit is due. This stuff came from all over, but it was never really the intent to catalog where it all came from, unfortunately.