Fear of the Unknown - H.P. Lovecraft Poster

Fear of the Unknown by Jordan Lloyd View the project in detail on Behance.net, or on Flickr

I was watching this great doc on H.P. Lovecraft while working the other day, & got a little derailed from that and ended up making this. I was originally animating some ink blots trying to create a variation on the classic rorschach patterns, but decided to switch gears mid-way through that and start putting together this poster instead.

Because I was working in After Effects on animating the ink spots, I just kept on working from what I had started. So, in the end this poster was created entirely  in After Effects, which might seem a little odd.

This is the documentary I was watching 'Fear of the Unknown' @ www.snagfilms.com Well worth it for anyone interested in learning a little more about Lovecraft and his interesting life & work.