Cloudapp - A Great Utility for Getting Files to Clients & One of the Best General File Sharing Utilities Period

In the ongoing quest to to continue to smooth out my freelancing workflow, one of the things I'm always on the lookout for are great solutions for moving files around to people. Recently I've been getting a lot of mileage out of the service. So far it's the fastest and easiest way I've seen to get files around to clients. I have primarily been using the Dropbox Public to get review Quicktimes and smaller deliverables out to people, but bests other solutions for a few reasons.

First is the shear simplicity of it. Drag a file from anywhere to the menubar icon, and the file is automatically uploaded and a publicly accessible URL is copied to your clipboard. Just hit paste to Email or IM the link and away you go. These guys have done a great job on the simplicity of the service. The corresponding website to retrieve the files is beautifully designed in it's simplicity, and looks like new little features are being added on a regular basis to make it even better. By default it's also setup to automatically upload all your screenshots. I had no idea how handy something like that was, I use it all the time.

The real beauty of this service is unlocked when you sign up for the Pro account. Not only do you get increased upload limits (free account is limited to 25mb/file, pro accounts increase it to 250mb/file) but the coolest feature is the ability to use a custom domain.

By setting it up to use your own domain or sub-domain you get customized links to share that make you look like a pro. I just set up my account to use the subdomain. What's great is that other than setting up the domain for use with Cloudapp (using a simple CNAME record), all the work is still done by Cloudapp on their servers and their storage (which I assume is S3?). So technically files are not hosted by you or your domain at all, but rather just accessible via your custom domain URL. I really like the setup this way, and it might make clients feel a little more at ease receiving files from a more personal URL rather than a (likely) unknown URL/service they haven't heard of.

So I definitely recommend checking this out if you move a lot of files around during the day, especially if you deal with slightly less tech-savvy clients. Definitely look into the pro account for the added convenience of larger files and the ability to setup your custom URL. It's cheap too, $5/month, $25/6 months or $45/year.

You can checkout in the Mac Appstore or at (