Creative Mornings Toronto #1 - The Jumpoff

Photo by Jacklyn Atlas

Really not a fan of getting up that early in the morning, but the first ever edition of Toronto's Creative Morning was a great success. Speakers for the inaugural talk were Helen Kerr & Nigel Smith of KerrSmith.

Mat Martel and I were on video duty, he also handled the edit because that's his deal, as editing has a habit of driving me insane. The next CMTO is on deck for Jan 20, check out for more info.

You can check out the rest of the photos from the talk over on the Creative Mornings Toronto Flickr page.

Pretty Lights Gig Poster - Hangout Music Festival Contest Entry

Put together an entry for the Hangout Music Festival gig poster contest over at Creative Allies. Pretty Lights definitely tops my list of new artists I've come across in the past year, definitely check him out over at

The background image is a C4D render of some NASA space-related models available at

2011 Reel - Motion Graphics Design

[iframe 560 315]  

Cut together a quick new reel to highlight some of the recent work/projects I've completed over the last couple months. Not quite a total refresh, some new & some old.

Daily Brief - Show Package Design

[iframe 560 315] I recently completed work on a show package for one of the new primetime shows on the Sun News Network here in Canada. The Daily Brief package was completed in conjunction with in Calgary, AB. I was brought on at the start of the project to provide the design for the overall look of the show package including a show open as well as bumpers, promo templates & various transitions. Here's a look into some of what went into creating it.

Show Open Samples

[iframe 560 315] Experimentation, Pre-Vis and R&D Reel

Above is the show open as it was delivered, unfortunately this was prior to some last minute talent changes that altered the format of the show slightly.

Promo Template Sample Promo Elements

Logo Bumper, Alternate color

Final Logo

Logo Explorations

Initial Styleframes

Alternate Styleframes

Type Exploration


Fear of the Unknown - H.P. Lovecraft Poster

Fear of the Unknown by Jordan Lloyd View the project in detail on, or on Flickr

I was watching this great doc on H.P. Lovecraft while working the other day, & got a little derailed from that and ended up making this. I was originally animating some ink blots trying to create a variation on the classic rorschach patterns, but decided to switch gears mid-way through that and start putting together this poster instead.

Because I was working in After Effects on animating the ink spots, I just kept on working from what I had started. So, in the end this poster was created entirely  in After Effects, which might seem a little odd.

This is the documentary I was watching 'Fear of the Unknown' @ Well worth it for anyone interested in learning a little more about Lovecraft and his interesting life & work.

Holiday Experiment: In The vZome

The results of a quick little experiment over the holidays after discovering a little piece of javascript software called 'vZome' (, and perhaps one too many screenings of Tron: Legacy & listening to Daft Punk.

Music: a slightly derezzed version of Clint Mansell - Lose Yourself, from the Black Swan OST

Draught Experience Wins Applied Arts Young Blood Award

The Heineken Draught Experience piece I put together last year was lucky enough to earn a spot in this years Applied Arts Design & Advertising Awards Annual. This years annual added a new category called Young Blood, which is open to entrants who have been out of school for five years or less. Glad to see the addition of this category, it gives a little breathing room between the student winners and the industry vets.

Check it out via the Vimeo embed above if you haven't seen it already. Unless of course you're waiting l to see it in the printed annual, where it will appear in all its glory as 4 1" printed thumbnails.


Seeing as how I've been doing a lot more film & video work over the past little while, I thought it was worth throwing together a little reel that shows some of the stuff I've been getting up to.

This reel is comprised of the commercial, corporate, and personal videography over the past two years. Cameras used are the Sony EX-1 and the Canon 5D and 7D.

Add A Simple File-Uploader to Wordpress using Dropbox

It's no secret I really dislike FTP, but this is especially true when it comes to getting files to and from your clients. I love the simplicity and ease of use choosing Dropbox brings to this task. Drop a file in your Public folder, right-click to get the link. Fast. Simple. Easy. Now, to add a similarly easy way for your clients to get files to you? Enter the aptly named Dropbox Plugin for Wordpress, which adds a simple upload form linked directly to a folder on your Dropbox. Setup is simple and easy. Pretty much enter your login information and choose the folder you'd like. I pulled out some of the extra information that appears by default, such as displaying the directory information, etc to keep it as a simple upload-only form.

You can check out the results here:

Not using Wordpress? No problem, Dropbox Uploader is available as a PHP script here:

If you're not hip to Dropbox yet, you should be. You can check it out here:

Prolific Not Perfect

In a conscious effort to be more 'Prolific than Perfect' (a new personal work-ethic I'm working towards), I am finally getting off my ass and getting this site off the ground. Enough's enough with the endless piddling around with Wordpress themes and not actually generating any content. Hopefully over the next little while I will finally get around to putting together some of the things I have been wanting to for the site. I can't remember exactly where I heard it, but ever since hearing the phrase 'content trumps presentation', it has been sticking with me. While this concept isn't new by any stretch, I know that from my personal experience as a designer it is something that I have not seen stressed in either my professional career or schooling. I feel that designers who are transitioning into more of a 'content creator' role can benefit greatly by respecting this mantra.

With that being said, I would like to use this as a place to share not only what I've been working on, but how my work has been evolving over the past year and a half. I will aim to post everything from tips and tricks, tutorials, screen captures, reviews, as well as some freebies in the form of templates, wallpapers, stock photos, etc.In addition, sharing all of the various forms of inspiration I find both online and off that keep me going.