Pretty Lights Gig Poster - Hangout Music Festival Contest Entry

Put together an entry for the Hangout Music Festival gig poster contest over at Creative Allies. Pretty Lights definitely tops my list of new artists I've come across in the past year, definitely check him out over at

The background image is a C4D render of some NASA space-related models available at

Stock, Textures, Backgrounds & Reference Collection on Flickr

Pulled a few various sets together on Flickr to form a Stock, Textures, Backgrounds & Reference Collection. In it are all the various things I've posted that fall into these categories, and will continue to update over time.

Here are a few samples of the kind of stuff that's up there so far:

Seamless/Repeating Snow Textures:

Snow & Ice:

Random Tracer Nodes:

Retro Logo Goodness:

Vintage Currency Scans:

I Saw The Devil:

Digital Chaos:

Colour Studies:

Stylized Fireworks:

Fear of the Unknown - H.P. Lovecraft Poster

Fear of the Unknown by Jordan Lloyd View the project in detail on, or on Flickr

I was watching this great doc on H.P. Lovecraft while working the other day, & got a little derailed from that and ended up making this. I was originally animating some ink blots trying to create a variation on the classic rorschach patterns, but decided to switch gears mid-way through that and start putting together this poster instead.

Because I was working in After Effects on animating the ink spots, I just kept on working from what I had started. So, in the end this poster was created entirely  in After Effects, which might seem a little odd.

This is the documentary I was watching 'Fear of the Unknown' @ Well worth it for anyone interested in learning a little more about Lovecraft and his interesting life & work.