2010 Inspiration Round-up, or Things I Found Cool in 2010

Here is the 2010 Inspiration round-up, a collection of anything & everything worth saving over the course of the year. It's kind of a digital scrapbook/moodboard that I use to refer back to at various points, or when I'm stuck for ideas and don't know where to start. You can view it in the webarchive here (~200mb), or as a smaller more compact 4-up PDF (55mb, right-click to save-as). Enjoy.

For ease of use, and to get with the times I'm transitioning over to Tumblr for this year & moving forward. I still like the manual way I've been doing it, but it's just gotten too unwieldily and Tumblr is a little better for managing that.

Inspiration 2010 Web Archive (Very large, 200mb)

Click here for the PDF Version (55mb, right-click to save-as)

Check out the 2009 version here